Who are we?

A free online poll platform with multi-language support. You can create without any restrictions, vote polls and watch poll results live.

We also made a detailed analysis page for your poll. From the analysis page of the polls, you can follow the distribution of votes by country and cities, view the daily chart of the vote distribution and see the records of the platforms visited.


What about technology?

We use a world wonder Django software web framework of Python.

Also we use javascript, bootstrap and css structure. Linux / Centos, Nginx, Redis, Socket technologies and many other big and small software architectures...



Except for legal situations, we do not share your personal information with anyone. We do not sell your private and confidential Poll statistics, cookie information held by our server to third parties, and we can promise you not to use this information even for advertising purposes.

You can be sure that we use all the security measures we know to ensure that your polls are not manipulated in certain ways. You can follow the changes we made on our site here.


What is this "Thanks"? Can you add me too?

We would love it. The people and organizations mentioned in the Acknowledgments section had great benefits for our site. We have created a thank you section for these great people for their design suggestions, translator, software support or inspiring ideas about our project.

We are always open to your thoughts and suggestions about our site and we attach great importance to them. You can use our contact form for suggestions and suggestions about our site or send an e-mail to [email protected].

Do you have a language that is not on our site? If you want to contribute, please write to [email protected].

Special Thanks

2-B Sınıf Öğrencileri - Inspire Support

Burak Özdemir - W3 Validator Master

Çağatay Aktaş - Mobile Application Developer

E. Serdar Güzel - Software Support

Emre Şenyuva - Javascript Support

Ersel Hekim - Javascript Support

Fatih Caferoğlu - Translation & Design Support

Gamze Cengiz - Design Support

Gökhan Sarıgül - SQL Support

Hızır Artar - Firewall Support

Ivan Shatsky - Nginx Support

Onur Bozkurt - Software Support

Tolga Cengiz - Nginx & Sql Optimization