• Changes have been made to the language files..
  • Ad hiding feature has been improved.


  • Performance improvements have been made.
  • Sitemap optimized.


  • If you want, you can hide ads from your poll. To do this, simply select the "Hide Ads" option while creating the poll.


  • Code development has been made in the membership modules.


  • Deleting a comment error has been fixed.
  • A security layer has been applied to prevent comment manipulation.


  • Some HTML bugs have been fixed.


  • A secret captcha has been added to prevent bot, spam, VPN and 3rd party voting in survey voting. Although this addition does not affect normal poll voting, it has been made mandatory only to avoid suspicious voting. The I am not a robot control option in the survey options also continues.
  • An algorithmic change has been made in IP protected surveys. IP protected surveys have been made more secure.
  • With the new algorithm, the surveys that received complaints were analyzed and the fake votes detected in these surveys were deleted. These deleted votes are not under the control of management, but are made automatically depending on the manipulation algorithm we have determined. The site does not manipulate any surveys manually and does not deal with survey results.


  • You can now hide the survey results. Only the survey owner can see these results. For this, you need to login.
  • 500 error that appeared on some users has been fixed.
  • Design improvements to the analysis page
  • Editing has been made in all languages.


  • Improvements have been made for DDOS attacks. Special thanks to Tolga Cengiz for his work.


  • Japanese language was added.
  • Persian language was added.
  • Korean language was added.
  • Arabic language was added.


  • Italian language added. Ciao.
  • Spanish language added. Hola.
  • Our social media accounts have been activated. Twitter - Instagram - Facebook


  • If the member login page is logged in, it is now directed to the main page. Thus, we prevented duplicate member login.
  • Other options have been added to the survey settings section.
  • On the poll voting and results pages, you now see the poll security in the open area.
  • A few minor design errors have been fixed.


  • We have now added protection against brute force attacks for member security. Under certain conditions, if a certain number of incorrect login attempts are made, we prevent this.
  • Our member login and sign out sections are now redirected to the previous page you came from.



  • Demographic (age and gender) information is now included in the survey analysis. Now you can analyze your surveys much better.


  • The statistics section has been renewed for the fancier. It is now refreshed every 10 minutes to increase performance.


  • Survey security "No Control" option is back.
  • Major performance optimization has been done. Our site has achieved a performance increase close to 10 times. Necessary arrangements were made for instant high visits and the system was designed from the beginning accordingly. Yes, we are much faster now.
  • The statistics section for the fancier has been temporarily removed. It will be added again after the necessary optimizations are made.


  • Due to some database slowdown in the system, we temporarily removed the Survey "No Control" option. It will be added again when the errors are corrected.


  • Survey voting security has been improved. Now we can detect manipulations.


  • The exact date and time have been added to the creation date field on the poll voting and results pages.
  • Minor design errors have been fixed.


  • The "Resources" section on the analysis page can now also present a detailed report. Vote distribution can be reported according to which source the visitor came from.
  • Data on the analysis page now uses thousands separator.


  • "Reactivate" feature has been added for membership activation. Users who do not receive an activation email will be able to create a new activation request.


  • The message information is divided into two. Error and warning messages will now be displayed in red, other messages in bold.


  • Necessary optimizations were made for the mobile speed of our site. Much faster now!
  • For the enthusiast, our total number of members has been added to the Statistics for the fancier section.
  • Thousand separators have been added to all numbers (in numbers) on our site. While it was seen as 15282 votes in the past, the new version is seen as 15.282 votes.
  • A search engine blocking system has been added for confidential surveys.
  • Firewall arrangement has been made for server security.
  • Several language arrangements have been made.


  • A warning has been added on the voting page for polls with multiple choice settings.


  • Server maintenance and optimizations have been made to make our site perform better. In our new planning, 40% more performance is obtained.


  • We disabled some features in the poll editing screen. You can no longer change multiple selection and security settings in your polls. The reason we do this is to prevent the created surveys from being manipulated later. We strive to be safer and more reliable.
  • Several language translations have been edited.


  • Password reset (500) error has been fixed.


  • The language names in the left menu are now coming exactly.
  • Popular polls title changed to "Trend Polls"
  • "Back to survey" buttons have been added to the Analysis page of the survey.


  • Members with UTF-8 character cannot be accessed on their profile pages. This problem has been fixed.

  • Analysis pages are now much faster.

  • Various sql optimizations have been done



  • Activation mail for subscription fixed
  • Major SQL optimization done


  • Analysis page now uses cache. All analysis pages will not be refreshed for 15 minutes after the last cache.
  • Necessary server optimizations have been made.
  • Request against attacks is limited


  • Popular Frame organized by languages



  • German language was added..



  • Some CSS issues have been fixed.



  • Russian language corrections



  • Mail validation token security has been increased.



  • Users' profile editing page has been added.
  • The password change section has been moved to a separate page.
  • The Swedish translations have been edited.



  • Now each country has its own flags in language selection
  • The language selection button has been changed.



  • Russian language added.



  • User profile edit page has been added.





  • Major poll vote 500 error fixed.



  • Swedish language is added.
  • Fixed cookie problem.
  • Whichever language is selected, the left frame language setting is brought in the opening language.



  • /wp-admin/ and /admin/ pages have been added.
  • French translations corrected.
  • Turkish translations have been corrected.



  • Contact Page is added.
  • Updates were made for the performance.
  • Unnecessary css and js files cleaned.
  • Some SEO tools added.
  • Search box fixed.
  • Cookie Policy updated.
  • Privacy Policy updated.
  • Terms of Service updated.
  • Cookie accept button added.



  • Special Thanks added on about-us page.
  • Some Translate errors fixed
  • Some minor bugs fixed
  • Contact Page is added
  • Updates were made for the performance.



  • All previous surveys and memberships have been deleted and the new system was introduced. We are sorry for this, but it is not technically possible to combine the old system with the new one.
  • Comment errors have been corrected.
  • Websoket errors fixed. You can now watch the survey results live.
  • Language corrections were made.
  • Changes page has been added.
  • Redis errors fixed.




  • Switching to new system with Python / Django. We just started!